The One Year Anniversary of 3/11

As many of you have commented, I have not been blogging very much this past year. Obviously, as the world knows, Japan has suffered tremendously in the last year due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The triple disaster has changed everyone’s lives forever.

In this last year, I have personally gone through many changes. Thankfully and luckily, most have been good. However, as fate would have it, I have also immersed myself into the very heart of Japanese government and am finally understanding what is important and what is not, and try to apply all my experiences and talents to really try to improve this place we call Japan. As I walk to “work” every morning and see buses full of children, full of hope and dreams, getting ready for their tour of the National Diet. This daily scene reinforces why I am trying so hard to fix this place – for them, our future.

For those who passed away or are still suffering from this tragedy, I would like to offer my prayer and deepest condolences.

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