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The Economist Debate – Rebuttal

As I mentioned last week, I am participating in an online debate with The Economist. You can follow the debate and vote online for the issue you feel is more important. Here is the rebuttal I just posted based on the opening statements by my opponent, the moderator and feedback/comments I received from the various participants. My rebuttal:I am delighted by the response this debate has produced. Many thoughtful readers have pointed out that the initial premise of the debate is unnecessarily dualistic: it suggests an either/or dichotomy that seems unrealistic. Most people seem to believe that we need some


Participating in The Economist’s online debate on innovation

I’ve been asked by The Economist to participate in an online debate. I’ve spoken for The Economist on several occasions as panelist and even keynote speaker, but this is a first for an online debate. The motion for the debate is “This house believes Japanese ‘incremental innovation’ is superior to the West’s ‘disruptive innovation.’” The debate will run online from March 8th to 18th. Ex-Google CIO Douglas Merrill will be debating that ‘disruptive innovation’ is superior. You can follow the debate and vote online about which you feel is more important. My intro opening: Growing up in the West, we


Yet Another Economist Presentation (YAEP)

Preparing for my Economists presentation on VC’s in Japan. Now crowdsourcing comments on your views. Good, bad, useless, non-existent?

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William H. Saito