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Barriers and Solutions for Setting Up Study Abroad Programs

As a long-time proponent of study abroad, I am convinced that students who live and work overseas gain a wider perspective and a global viewpoint. They can expand their networks and get valuable experience in learning how to negotiate, exchange ideas, and discuss opposing opinions respectfully. The primary reason Japanese students, particularly male students, are not going overseas is that they have little incentive to do so, even if they have the desire. Indeed, the educational system – and corporate society in general – seem set up especially to put roadblocks in the way of this kind of activity. People

Why Japan Should Promote a Study Abroad Scholarships

Even in this age of globalization, the number of students going abroad is in serious decline. In recent years, I had conducted an informal survey on the subject of overseas experience among university students and found that about a third of them, most of them female, had three months or more of overseas experience. Another third, mostly male students, had two weeks or even less of overseas travel. The remaining third had never been overseas, and most of them didn’t even hold passports. By contrast, U.S. students are studying abroad in record numbers. According to the IIE, the number of

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