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Barriers and Solutions for Setting Up Study Abroad Programs

As a long-time proponent of study abroad, I am convinced that students who live and work overseas gain a wider perspective and a global viewpoint. They can expand their networks and get valuable experience in learning how to negotiate, exchange ideas, and discuss opposing opinions respectfully. The primary reason Japanese students, particularly male students, are not going overseas is that they have little incentive to do so, even if they have the desire. Indeed, the educational system – and corporate society in general – seem set up especially to put roadblocks in the way of this kind of activity. People


Japan – A season of change

The last two weeks have been very busy in Japan as March 31st marks the end of the fiscal year for most companies. Conversely, April 1st traditionally marks the start of many new things including the newly graduated college students who start their new jobs and the start of spring when the cherry blossoms bloom – a very big event here. The sheer amount of change is something I found very interesting to experience both first hand and from several different perspectives. For the last few weeks in March, companies and especially their sales people, it is a very hectic time


Japan Go Global

For the last several weeks, I have travelled to several countries in Africa and the Middle East to talk with various governments about their S&T, innovation and entrepreneurial policy.  Everywhere I go, everyone has the same comments about how Japan is mature, stable and a nation that has everything.  People look to Japan as an innovative country with money, technology, global corporations and name brands.  Many countries also recognize Japan as a leader in clean technology even before the word “green” became popular and fashionable.  Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, Japan has been in a economic and political malaise.  GDP has

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William H. Saito