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A Trojan Horse to Spark Innovation and Globalization (part 3)

Continued from 2 weeks ago, we discuss implementing an effective and wide-reaching scholarship fund for Japanese students. In order to do this, creating an organization that helps coordinate the various requirements becomes a critical necessity. The third (and last point) is the importance of getting private industry involved. 3. Get private industry involvedA lot of companies “talk the talk” – they complain about their incoming hires not being worldly or knowing English – but they can “walk the walk” by participating in this program. As mentioned before, the program should be funded primarily by private companies. The reason is that this

A Trojan Horse to Spark Innovation and Globalization

What if one simple concept, such as implementing a wide-reaching scholarship fund for Japanese students to study overseas, actually became, in a sense, a sort of “Trojan horse” into the Japanese establishment, unearthing a whole slew of inefficiencies, barriers and problems to be solved in Japan’s government, education system and society? There are at least three points to consider when establishing an effective scholarship fund. The first, I present this week. 1. Expand beyond existing programs First of all, there is little point in simply recreating existing programs like the Mansfield fellowship (U.S. government employees only), Rhodes (Oxford University only),

Why Japan Should Promote a Study Abroad Scholarships

Even in this age of globalization, the number of students going abroad is in serious decline. In recent years, I had conducted an informal survey on the subject of overseas experience among university students and found that about a third of them, most of them female, had three months or more of overseas experience. Another third, mostly male students, had two weeks or even less of overseas travel. The remaining third had never been overseas, and most of them didn’t even hold passports. By contrast, U.S. students are studying abroad in record numbers. According to the IIE, the number of

Japan Needs More People with Foreign Experience

As I write this, the Japanese women’s soccer team “Nadeshiko” Japan won the World Cup for the first time ever. This was a tremendous accomplishment by a team composed of Japanese women who have studied or played outside of Japan for many years. It was interesting to listen to the sports commentator mention how Japan could comeback (after getting behind on goals) because several of the players had played in the United States and “know” how their opponents think and play. To understand how the world “plays,” I feel, is very important to the future of Japan. Unfortunately, the number

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