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Why Japan Should Promote a Study Abroad Scholarships

Even in this age of globalization, the number of students going abroad is in serious decline. In recent years, I had conducted an informal survey on the subject of overseas experience among university students and found that about a third of them, most of them female, had three months or more of overseas experience. Another third, mostly male students, had two weeks or even less of overseas travel. The remaining third had never been overseas, and most of them didn’t even hold passports. By contrast, U.S. students are studying abroad in record numbers. According to the IIE, the number of


Summary of iPhone 4 announcement by Apple

Here is a summary of the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2010 announcing the new upcoming iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4G). Display upgraded to an IPS 960 x 640 pixel (326 ppi) screen with 800:1 contrast ration 4x resolution compared to the 3G Wireless networking upgraded to 802.11n 512MB of RAM (versus 256MB for the 3GS and iPad) Back camera upgraded to 5 megapixel but with the same pitch (1.75um) as the older 3G camera (= better low light sensitivity) Front camera (new) has VGA (640×480) resolution Camera will also have LED flash and can record 720p video at 30 fps It


Blogger feature, blogging and update

Yeah! Blogger’s latest editor now has a spell check feature. Its frightening to see all the mistakes in my older blog entries. Fix or not? The feature itself is a little buggy.  Namely, if you save/post a blog entry with “spell check” on, it will leave the highlights (in yellow) in the post itself.  Nevertheless, even with its very basic features, its a godsend to those with bad spelling habits – and will continue to perpetuate them.  Its also embarrassing to see all the misspellings instantaneously. For the 3 people who read my blog, no I have not lost interest


iPad+ review – Real world

It’s been about 5 years when I had flown a non-Oneworld carrier (Delta) within the United States.  This meant having no status with them and making a flight change should have already been a warning sign.  Anyway, long story short, I was very surprised by the steep cost of the “extra baggage charge.”  Essentially, I had to pay an extra $60 since I had check-in two pieces of luggage.  Furthermore, since one bag was 6 lbs over weight (over 50 lbs is considered overweight) after trying to load balance with the other bag, I got charged an additional $90 for a total of $150 which was


Overseas Mobile Woes

Was taking 3G speed for granted when you can only get “EDGE or “edge” – SLOW! Even GPRS would have been an improvement.  My DoCoMo “international” handset couldn’t even find a network – fail. Thankfully, at least my AT&T (iPhone) and Verizon (CDMA Blackberry) phones worked. Update: My phone bill for the whole trip (just two weeks) around Africa and the Middle East cost me $2,327!

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