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An article about me in The Japan Times newspaper

I was interviewed recently by Alex Martin of The Japan Times, and the article appeared in today’s paper, entitled, “Entrepreneur: Turbulent times breed innovation.” I’ve already received a ton of e-mail from people congratulating me both on the article and on the YGL announcement. I’m very honored and touched by all the responses. What’s ironic is that I’m travelling overseas and haven’t actually seen the physical copy of the newspaper.


Participating in The Economist’s online debate on innovation

I’ve been asked by The Economist to participate in an online debate. I’ve spoken for The Economist on several occasions as panelist and even keynote speaker, but this is a first for an online debate. The motion for the debate is “This house believes Japanese ‘incremental innovation’ is superior to the West’s ‘disruptive innovation.’” The debate will run online from March 8th to 18th. Ex-Google CIO Douglas Merrill will be debating that ‘disruptive innovation’ is superior. You can follow the debate and vote online about which you feel is more important. My intro opening: Growing up in the West, we


Quotes from the book "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation" by Steven Johnson

It’s rare (actually this is the first time) that I write about a book.  Anyway, I’m reading the chapters in this book and am finding great paragraphs on things I “felt” but couldn’t describe. “Innovative enviornments are better at helping their inhabitants explore the adjacent possible, because they expose a wide and diverse sample of spare parts – mechanical or conceptual – and they encourage novel ways of recombining those parts.  Envirronments that block or limit those new combinations – by punishing experimentation, by obscuring certain branches of possibility, by making the current state so satisfying that no one bothers


ADC Forum in Australia

Participating in two panels today at the ADC Forum on “Research & Innovation” w/ @kiyoshikurokawa, and another on cybersecurity. Should prep but the weather is too nice.


Upcoming trip to Moscow

I will be advising on the creation of Russia’s “Silicon Valley” right outside of Moscow. I’m starting this process by applying for a visa (which everyone needs) for entry into Russia TOMORROW. Anyway, I honestly was half expecting to not succeed in getting it today and cancelling the trip. However, I was very impressed (surprised?). Got my Russian visa in less than an hour from start to finish – this included waiting in line for about 15 minutes. Was allocating half-a-day of running around. The new science park, also sometimes called Inograd, Russian for Innovation City, will concentrate in the

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