Photo’s from Europe

I just finished uploading 1,600+ photos from my recent trip to Italy and Sweden. My favorites are at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1404481@N22/ The Italy pictures (1,204) are all grouped here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/whsaito/sets/72157624100183691/ The Sweden (202) pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whsaito/sets/72157624102137297/ Enjoy!


Birds have more leadership – Japanese politics

So I am here in the middle of Sweden attending an entrepreneurial conference with over 2,000 other people from over 55 countries. When I inevitably meet people, introduce myself and say I’m from Japan, I always get asked what is going on with our prime ministers. Therefore, I thought I’d put together this little recap of this rather confusing topic. After 259 days in office, in a somewhat rambling 20+ minute resignation speech, (via Twitter) Mr. Yukio “the alien” Hatoyama resigned as the prime minister of Japan on June 2nd (coincidentally, Mr. Horst Köhle, the president of Germany also resigned


WiFi access, GDP and productivity

In Italy, I was able to purchase 2 hours of internet access for 3 Euro’s or 6 hours for 10.Airport sameIn London, the BA Lounge was free


Softbank iPad restrictions

Apparently, it’s even worse. 3G iPad’s sold by Softbank in Japan will actually be SIM locked (unlike other countries) BTW, here is a comparison of the various international 3G rates for the iPad.  Japan seems to have the more expensive plans.


Class/lecture/workshop for the Ministry of Communications (MIC) on ICT

about to start my 3 hour (!) class/lecture/workshop for the Ministry of Communications (MIC) on ICT. Hope I have the energy…

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