Scheduling for Fall ’10 quarter for 3 Universities

Busy scheduling and programming three different courses on two continents for the upcoming Fall semester. Hope to make it really interesting!


Upcoming trip to Moscow

I will be advising on the creation of Russia’s “Silicon Valley” right outside of Moscow. I’m starting this process by applying for a visa (which everyone needs) for entry into Russia TOMORROW. Anyway, I honestly was half expecting to not succeed in getting it today and cancelling the trip. However, I was very impressed (surprised?). Got my Russian visa in less than an hour from start to finish – this included waiting in line for about 15 minutes. Was allocating half-a-day of running around. The new science park, also sometimes called Inograd, Russian for Innovation City, will concentrate in the


Security for: Data at rest / Data in motion

There are two fundamental types of data that we deal with daily. Backup tapesVPN Wireless access pointsHard disksFlash memory


Macadamia Nut Crusted Chilean Sea Bass

I once had Chilean sea bass at an upscale restaurant in New York city and thought I’d try to recreate that recipe when I went to the supermarket and saw some real Chilean sea bass for sale.  Anyway, to recreate what I had, I used the following ingredients: 1 pound fresh sea basssalt and ground black pepper to taste1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger2 cloves minced garlic1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup chopped macadamia nuts1/4 cup seasoned bread crumbs4 tablespoons butter, at room temperature1 tablespoon minced fresh basil1/2 teaspoon black pepper Directions COMBINE oil, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper


Future Questions

In the spirit of why I started keeping a blog, I thought I’d write down a list of questions that I’m guessing what my grand kids will be asking 50 years from now.  Only then will I know how my predictive abilities are.  Some are actually wishes of mine, but if I believe in them strongly enough, I’m sure someone (perhaps me) will invent something to address them. What is a battery? You had to actually recharge the battery all the time?  Why did you have to type things in?  Wasn’t using keyboard slow and inefficient? Why were images only

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