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Post 3/11 (continued)

(…continued from last week) While change is inevitable after so much devastation and loss of infrastructure, the question becomes: what form and character will those changes take? And how much change will result from how much human energy unleashed? One cruel scenario is the possibility that this disaster wounds Japan’s ossified postwar paradigm but leaves intact its stultifying bureaucracy (corporate and governmental) and the conformist systems of education and advancement that sustain it. Japan suffers without achieving rebirth. Assuming that Japan does find the momentum for change, the second question is: What if this momentum takes Japanese society in a


The future of SPAM – Audio

Interesting. Japanese elections coming up and you see ads and get emails all the time. Politician friend of mine (will remain nameless) sent me a blank email (from an unknown address at that) with an mp3 attachment. Thought it was spam, but it was a verbal campaign pledge that I had to hit play to hear.


Future Questions

In the spirit of why I started keeping a blog, I thought I’d write down a list of questions that I’m guessing what my grand kids will be asking 50 years from now.  Only then will I know how my predictive abilities are.  Some are actually wishes of mine, but if I believe in them strongly enough, I’m sure someone (perhaps me) will invent something to address them. What is a battery? You had to actually recharge the battery all the time?  Why did you have to type things in?  Wasn’t using keyboard slow and inefficient? Why were images only

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William H. Saito