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Foxconn’s Deal for Sharp Now in Question Taiwanese assembler of iPhones said it is delaying the signing of takeover agreement

Author: Eva Dou in Beijing, Wayne Ma in Hong Kong and Takashi Mochizuki in Tokyo Originally posted: The Wall Street Journal Board members of struggling Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp. met Thursday and agreed to sell the company to Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group for almost $6 billion, a decision hailed as a symbol of a push by Japan’s government to open up the country’s notoriously insular industries. There was a snag. Foxconn, which assembles most of Apple Inc.’s iPhones, was having second thoughts. In a written statement released hours later, Foxconn said it would delay signing any deal because it


What’s Behind Japan’s Profit Rebound? Unsexy Companies Like Toray Little Known Abroad, Companies in More Pedestrian Industries Boost Economy Again

Author: Eric Pfanner Originally posted: The Wall Street Journal TOKYO—Corporate Japan is posting record profits again. It has companies like Toray to thank, again. Toray isn’t a household name outside Japan. But unlike some such as Sony Corp. that are, Toray Industries Inc. is thriving, along with other companies in more-pedestrian industries that are helping lead Japan’s comeback from two decades of economic torpor. Toray helped Japan out of crisis once before: Amid the devastation after World War II, the textile maker was among the big exporters that revived the economy. Today, it exports carbon fiber for Boeing airliners, fabric


Interesting (changing?) Japan

Born and raised in the US, I still had numerous opportunities to visit, live and get educated in Japan. Whether it was spending time in Japan during the long summer and winter school vacations or the dozens of times I came here on business trips to work with our Japanese customers, I had a lot of interactions with Japanese at many levels. I am very glad to be able to not only speak the language (almost) like a native but to understand the culture, mindset and background of the Japanese people (or so I think). Now that I live here,


Japan Go Global

For the last several weeks, I have travelled to several countries in Africa and the Middle East to talk with various governments about their S&T, innovation and entrepreneurial policy.  Everywhere I go, everyone has the same comments about how Japan is mature, stable and a nation that has everything.  People look to Japan as an innovative country with money, technology, global corporations and name brands.  Many countries also recognize Japan as a leader in clean technology even before the word “green” became popular and fashionable.  Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, Japan has been in a economic and political malaise.  GDP has

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