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How Charles Lindbergh Can Save Japan (Part 2)

Read Part 1 Why Do We Need a J PRIZE? Aside from the obvious shortcomings of research funding in Japan, why can’t we just rely on domestic organizations to come up with intelligent, workable solutions to these problems? After all, Japan has produced several Nobel laureates in both physics and chemistry in just the past decade. Surely domestic research is up to the task of tackling any problems on the horizon? The short answer is: If the U.S., with more researchers, more labs, bigger budgets, and, frankly, higher-ranked research facilities than Japan, could achieve the goals of the X PRIZE,


The ultimate security, created through biology!?

Achieve innovation through “leaps of thought.” In early October, I was invited to attend the 12th Science and Technology for Society (STS) Forum held in Kyoto, where I made a presentation at its plenary session. Over 1,000 participants attended this annual event, which invites Nobel laureates from various countries, along with leaders from politics, business, and the media. The theme of the session at which I spoke was “Society Changed by Information and Communications Technology (ICT).” One of the topics I touched on was the factors shared by some of the world’s rapid-growth enterprises. Take Uber, for example. Despite becoming

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