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Post 3/11 (continued)

(…continued from last week) While change is inevitable after so much devastation and loss of infrastructure, the question becomes: what form and character will those changes take? And how much change will result from how much human energy unleashed? One cruel scenario is the possibility that this disaster wounds Japan’s ossified postwar paradigm but leaves intact its stultifying bureaucracy (corporate and governmental) and the conformist systems of education and advancement that sustain it. Japan suffers without achieving rebirth. Assuming that Japan does find the momentum for change, the second question is: What if this momentum takes Japanese society in a

Post 3/11

Today marks the 49th day since the multiple disasters that took place on 3/11.  Called Chuin (中陰), this is the period (in Buddhist religion) when one’s being is in transition between death and the next life. As the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis have revealed to the world Japan’s faults, both seismic and social, the transition the living will have to make will be critical. First came the terrible reminder that we live perched on the edge of a massive chasm deep as Mt. Everest is high, the fault line where two massive tectonic plates meet. Then came evidence of human fallibility:

William H. Saito