Reigniting Japan’s Entrepreneurial Energy

Posted by whsaito

  1. I enjoyed reading your article. Having worked for Toyota in my past I can understand your point of being adverse to risk. After the earthquake I thought that out of tragedy there is an amazing opportunity for Japan to become a leader on alternative energy sources. I think they will, although my guess is that it will be the established companies such as Toyota, mitsui, Honda…ect that will do it.


  2. This is a hot post with cool mind/analysis.

    I agree that education is the key to turn this situation though education is a mirror of society in some ways.

    I had believed that this earthquake disaster can be an opportunity for Japan to shuffle the established order and encourage people to take risks.

    However, the government announced a plan that will rescue TEPCO’s shareholders and employees. This policy will reinforce people’s belief that getting a life-long job at large established companies or investing in those are low risk with middle return.

    We, Japanese, should let TEPCO to go bankrupt once and buyout fund to restart a new TEPCO.


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