NHK’s new Eco-Channel

My friend at NHK (Japan Broadcasting System) made me aware of a new portal website at NHK that consolidates all the enviornmental content from prior years into one area.

Japan has always been an environmentally conscious nation before words like “eco” and “green” became fashionable.  Personally, I believe the Muskie Act (a.k.a. the Clean Air Act of 1970) became Japan’s framework for developing energy efficient, less polluting appliances, cars and other products.  Obviously, being a nation with limited natural resources, this limitation also further compelled companies to make “eco friendly” products out of need.

Anyway, I think this is an important site that will eventually include video’s and other archive footage from Japan’s history of being an ecologically sound nation over the last several decades.  The new NHK Eco Channel page can be found here: 日本語版 (Japanese) English

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