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Just finished a 2.5 hour interview with NHK (the equivalent of Japanese BBC) on cyber security (or the lack thereof) and how things are building to a “Digital Pearl Harbor”.  This will be a TV program that runs from late Spring to early Fall here in Japan.  The program’s genesis is based on the 50 years of US-Japan security alliance.

Of course, instead of the threats of nuclear missles, tanks and fighters, the threat of cyber security affects us everyday with many of us not realizing it.  When the producer and I sat down, I had to start from the basics by defining what sort of cyber security he wanted to talk about.  Apparently, things like the difference between G-to-G, G-to-B and B-to-B did not occur to them.

Anyway, since this was a pretty good opportunity to document what I spoke about (and often speak about at conferences), I’ve created a perma-page at http://security./2010/03/information-security-threats.html which I will update from time-to-time when I remember or hear something new.

I hope the program can turn into a series that will fully educate the public on the various aspects of information security.  Many of our fundamental internet, communications and daily transactions are done on the basis of information integrity and that the underlying infrastructure is secure.  I talk about this and other security topics at my security blog here: http://security./

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