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OECD開発協力局 局長 ジョン・ロモイ 一般に統計の話をする際、技術革新(イノベーション)という言葉はあまり頭に浮かばないかもしれません。しかし、OECDでは今まさにそれについて新たな取り組みを始め

Uneventul trip to “Race against time” in 10 minutes

Finally back home in Tokyo – and picking up the pieces. What was supposed to be an uneventful (and q

Yet Another Leica Review

On a business trip to Europe last month, I had some extra time and went to Bordeaux to check out som

How not to do a software launch or DRM implementation

So a rare “not so busy weekend” (okay, I’m procrastinating) I decided to use the c

Various flour based recipes

Here are some recipes of items I cook in preparation for a bigger dish. Pizza Dough 3.5 cup flour 1.