Future Questions

In the spirit of why I started keeping a blog, I thought I’d write down a list of questions that I’m guessing what my grand kids will be asking 50 years from now.  Only then will I know how my predictive abilities are.  Some are actually wishes of mine, but if I believe in them strongly enough, I’m sure someone (perhaps me) will invent something to address them.

  • What is a battery?
  • You had to actually recharge the battery all the time? 
  • Why did you have to type things in?  Wasn’t using keyboard slow and inefficient?
  • Why were images only in 2D on a physical surface?  Wasn’t it hard to carry around?
  • Why do old pictures show all kinds of cables on the desk?  What did they do?
  • Why was storage and speed always defined?  Did you actually run out of space?
  • What is a personal computer?
  • Why did you call it a “smart” phone?
  • Why did you use paper?
  • What are magazines and newspapers?
  • What is a password? How did you remember all of them? why did you need them?
  • Why did things all look the same? Why didn’t everyone personalize their things?
  • What do you mean you had to “search” for things?
  • You got to drive the car?

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  1. That’s Awesome ,.we totally think alike ! Bless You !


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