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Weak signals or willful failure to perceive them?

The following is a speech I gave at this years World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The theme for this years Davos was “Resilient Dynamism” and I thought it worked well with the topic “Weak Signals” that I was about to discuss. Actually, in a perfect world, the following was supposed to be the speech I was supposed to give, however, I wasn’t allowed to use notes or a teleprompter, so the actual presentation turned out to be what I remembered of the text below: Reducing loss from natural disasters – Weak signals or willful failure to perceive them? I’d like


Preparing for my speech at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Preparing for my speech at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce tomorrow on “Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Japan”


Spoke at a law conference

In early January, I was invited to speak at a law conference in Malaysia. At first, I turned them down politely, since I didn’t know who they were, and it was somewhat short notice. I had a potential conflict with another event later that month, and what did I have to do with the legal profession anyway? The organizers were persistent and upon further investigation, I realized it was being organized by an old acquaintance from Microsoft – Bill Neukom. Therefore, I agreed to be one of their keynote panelists and flew to Kuala Lumpur to attend the World Justice


Economist Conference: One global strategy?

Giving keynote at Economist conference next Wednesday at Hotel New Otani. Speaking on whether one global business strategy can work or is Japan unique? Seeking comments.


Sweden & The Tällberg – 5th Global YES Summit

This last week, I was in Sweden, attending the Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability summit, or the 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World, in Leksand, Sweden. I was invited to go to this event by my friend Dr. Mario Tokoro, President of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL). The event itself is an annual gathering of 2000 entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, local and global leaders in politics, civil society and business. “Rework The World” is a collaboration between Tällberg Foundation and YES Inc.  The Tällberg Foundation was founded by Bo Ekman, a former executive from Volvo. YES is an