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Security in the news – June 2010

This last week, I had an embarrassing moment when my Facebook account started posting weird “Likes” (in my case, “97 Hottest Women in the World 😀 :: on” – seriously, not my interest), which claimed that I endorsed the site. What makes things worse, in an SNS enviornment like Facebook, your network of friends supposedly share the same interests, ideals and trust, so there is a higher tendency that your friends will further click on these links based on a “Like” endorsement. I was only made aware of this “Like” link because a friend happened to comment on my


Softbank iPad restrictions

Apparently, it’s even worse. 3G iPad’s sold by Softbank in Japan will actually be SIM locked (unlike other countries) BTW, here is a comparison of the various international 3G rates for the iPad.  Japan seems to have the more expensive plans.


NTT not supporting iPad in Japan

NTT DoCoMo decides not to offer wireless service for the iPad in Japan. Time to experiment and see if/what works.


3G iPad roaming between carriers

Interesting observation, while stuck in a no coverage Softbank zone, my iPad switched to NTT. I doubt Japanese iPad’s will do that.


3G iPad roaming in Japan

1st thing I did after arriving in Japan – fired up my iPad of course. 3G works great (Softbank) and quick (feels quicker than US or Europe)