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Final Session – ADC Forum

About to start my last session, “Japan – Perspective on change,” at the ADC Forum w/ @kiyoshikurokawa. Looking forward to the questions/comments.


Cybersecurity Panel at ADC Forum

It was very exciting to be on a cybersecurity panel moderated by the BBC’s @bbcnikgowing at ADC yesterday. Dialog was exciting, fast and in-depth.


ADC Forum in Australia

Participating in two panels today at the ADC Forum on “Research & Innovation” w/ @kiyoshikurokawa, and another on cybersecurity. Should prep but the weather is too nice.


"Gadgets I use" page updated

Its been awhile, but I just finished updating my “Gadgets I Use” page. I’ve replaced/retired many devices this summer.


Internet is not easily available in the darndest places

I’m supposed to be on a cross country roadtrip/fishing vacation but was upset wrestling with the hotel’s internet connection for 4 hours!