Botswana trip

So I arrived in Gabarone (GBE), Botswana (hot) and things didn’t start off very well since my baggage didn’t make it.  Anyway, I’m on a quasi-government mission to see how Japan and work with the Botswanan government to help improve its economy through science & technology (S&T) policy recommendations.  I am going on this trip with Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa and Mr. Yukio Tada of Sojitz.

The trip started from Narita via Hong Kong and Johannesburg.  After almost exatly, 24-hours of flight, losing your baggage is not the first thing you want to experience.  However, interersting, I wasn’t as peeved as I would have been normally.  First, after many trips to many countries (close to 60 at this point), it was actually my first trip South of the equator.  Second, since I was going to Africa, I set my expectations somewhat low and actually assumed my bags wouldn’t make it after two transfers.  Luckily, they found my bags and I got them later that afternoon.

Pictures from this trip can be found here.

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