Botswana observations

Some interesting moments from my trip.  After arriving at the hotel from the airport (still with no luggage), I went into the room.  The hotel’s in Botswana were quite nice.  Granted, we probably stayed in the best hotel in the city.  Anyway, went back down to the lobby to get my un/pw for internet access. They asked “for how long” and I casually replied until “Monday” (was Wednesday).  I actually got a quizzical/blank look for about 45 seconds.  I was eventually told that they only have hourly plans.
2010-02 Botswana
Landing at the airport, the first thing you notice are all the constructions signs in Chinese.
The roads in Botswana (at least in the capital Gabarone) are all well built.  The traffic is horrendous and after the rains, you don’t want to take side streets as they aren’t as well maintained and have many potholes.  There is also construction on the roadway (thus leading to more traffic) that are either expanding the lanes and/or changing the roundabouts into signaled intersections.

More on roads – there are literally cows, goats and other farm animals that freely graze the sides of the roadway.  Of course, they have the right-of-way and its amazing the owners can keep track of them.

2010-02 Botswana

The city of Gabarone (the government center) feels very much like the Mexican city of Ensenada.  Except for the occasional termite mound, the housing, road width, etc… all look very similar.
There is gambling in Botswana.  The hotel we stayed in has as casino next door.  You have to pay an equivalent of $5 admission.  Unfortunately, at night, there are no open tables and the ones that have a seat or two open have too many serious/rude gamblers to make things fun.
Unfortunately, the local nature reserve did not have many animals.  It was also perhaps the time of day (around noon) so all the animals were asleep or not in the mood to come out near the truck trail.  The limited animals we did encounter, I have on my Flickr page

On this trip, there were more wild animals in the poolside of our hotel.  Apparently, the northern part of Botswana have A LOT more animals.  Next time, I hope to go there.

2010-02-28 Botswana

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