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Yeah! Blogger’s latest editor now has a spell check feature. Its frightening to see all the mistakes in my older blog entries. Fix or not?

The feature itself is a little buggy.  Namely, if you save/post a blog entry with “spell check” on, it will leave the highlights (in yellow) in the post itself.  Nevertheless, even with its very basic features, its a godsend to those with bad spelling habits – and will continue to perpetuate them.  Its also embarrassing to see all the misspellings instantaneously.

For the 3 people who read my blog, no I have not lost interest in writing periodic entries.  I have been a little busy with a number of activities, but mostly in creating presentations for four (1, 2) presentations I have in the coming weeks.  I hope to post excerpts of those presentations here.

One of the four presentations I will be speaking is at yet another Economist Conference (YAEC – my third this year) on Thursday, May 20th.  This particular presentation will be put on by the Corporate Network group at The Economist and I will be on a panel with my two friends Ted Matsumoto (SVP Softbank Mobile) and Jun Yamada (Chairman Qualcomm Japan).  I will talk about this event in a near future blog when I finish the presentation.

Finally, I received many comments on how ugly my personal website looked.  Therefore, I am in the process of updating the content and porting it to WordPress.  I decided to use WordPress since Blogger didn’t give me the flexibility of making the site non-blog looking.  How is my website and blog site different?  I asked myself the same question.  I guess I’m using the website to show relatively static information organized/grouped in a logical format and the blog site a more dynamic chronological representation of my thoughts and activities.  Anyway, I hope to have the new site up in the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned!

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