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Yahoo Hacks Highlight Cyber Flaws Japan Rushing to Thwart

Shortly after the alert sounded at 9:10 p.m., Yahoo Japan Corp.’s risk team knew it had a problem. More than 20 million usernames and passwords belonging to its customers were being dumped into a file, primed to be stolen. “What the hell are you doing?” the team asked the Yahoo employee whose account was capturing the encrypted data. The download was blocked immediately, Motonobu Koh, a risk manager, recalled in a recent interview. Then the worker replied: “I’m not doing anything. I’m at home.” The April 2013 breach of Yahoo Japan, controlled by billionaire Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank Corp., was an


Voicing Measures Against the “Perfect Storm”

Authors: Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa & William H. Saito Over a year has now passed since the great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 11th March 2011 (3.11), and the relationships between the environmental, economic and social spheres of Japan have become tenacious. At a glance, progression in one sphere always seems to be at the expense of another. This is an important time for Japan however, and to blame this current, vicious situation solely on the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear triple disaster is incorrect. This is in fact an opportunity for Japan to recognize that it was unprepared for such


William Saito: article to Nature

Many of us find ourselves with multiple gadgets – in our pockets, our homes, our cars, our offices – and these gadgets are increasingly built to talk to each other. Camera phones upload straight to the Web and connect through WiFi and Bluetooth to computer networks; copiers can be used as printers by branch offices on the other side of the world; and our cars pull down information from the sky on the latest traffic and weather conditions. Even the documents (licenses, passports, payment cards) that we carry around with us contain RFID chips. And all these sensors and transmitters

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William H. Saito