A Trojan Horse to Spark Innovation and Globalization (part 2)

Continued from last week, we discuss implementing an effective and wide-reaching scholarship fund for Japanese students. In order to do this, creating an organization that helps coordinate the various requirements becomes a critical necessity.

The second (of three points) is the type of scholarship organization needed.

2. Scholarship organization
Regarding a coordinating organization to run such a scholarship program, I helped setup an organization called IMPACT Japan, a non-profit created for supporting events such as Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and TEDxTokyo. An organization such as this could be used to coordinate and do the following (not in any particular order):

    • Coordinate with government agencies and ministries, since this issue overlaps with what many of them do very well;


    • Vet appropriate target universities and curricula and make sure the participating students are placed in an appropriate curriculum/environment;


    • Vet the student applicants to ensure they are motivated and have the required knowledge and maturity;


    • Help with visa processing;


    • Help with handling money (living expenses/tuition) for the students;


    • Assist in finding host families, dormitories, apartments and other housing issues;


    • Coordinate and receive funds from sponsors;


    • Help with job placement for returning students;


    • Send out solicitations for scholarships;


    • Issue certificates – which may become important for job hunting;


    • Assist with coordination and networking of program alumni.


Next week, I discuss the final point of getting private industry involvement and why that is critically important for the success of a vibrant and sustainable scholarship program. Your comments are always welcome.

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