2010 – An attempt to consistently blog?

I’ve decided that 2010 will be a big year of change for me. The last few years have been somewhat of a haze and lacking a specific goal. I realize that doing something consistently, thoroughly and through completion is a weakness of mine so let me make my first step by posting my random thoughts on a blog. I hope this doesn’t start and stop again, but we’ll see.

My goal isn’t get tremendous readership or anything. Quite frankly, I’d be surprised if anyone ends up following it. However, I’m hoping at the very least, it will help me organize my thoughts. Plus, I’ve been noticing (to my dismay) that my memory is not what it used to be so by getting in the habit of writing things down will hopefully help.

The other motivation/catalyst for me to initiate this is a recent experience I had preparing for a presentation. I happened to Google my grandmother’s name (Kimiyo Onaga) and was thoroughly blown away by the amount of information (newspaper article, another clip, academic papers, 2 & 3 and pictures) that was available on her going back to the early 1950’s. This revelation was pretty eye-opening in and of itself. However, I began to think what my children and grandchildren would end up “Googling” (or whatever it will be called 50 years from now) me and wonder what I was thinking now.

Anyway, they may not be interested but you never know… Random Facebook and Twitter comments aside, I hope to put some thoughts down that would be somewhat interesting and/or thought provoking.

Posted by whsaito

  1. hello webmaster, I found your blog from google and read a few of your other posts.They are fantastic. Please keep it up!! cheers, Johanna Liang.


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