So I just finished my TEDxRyukyu presentation on the evolution of communications and how our world has changed with changes in communication technology. 15 minutes sure fly’s by.  This time, I tried to use the topic and solicit my social network for comments.  Incredibly, I received close to 150 comments and feedback on what I should talk about in my presentation.  I selected 4 examples.

Like always, I try to pack 30lbs of stuff in a 10lbs bag.  Unfortunately, I start to panic when I see the clock with just 3 minutes left and I’m only half way through my presentation.

Furthermore, unlike my English presentations and speeches, I definitely must practice my Japanese presentations and not impromptu in subject areas I’m not used to. Sigh…

More TEDxRyukyu and a bunch of other Okinawa pictures can be found here: